Week of 10/18/2021


This week, we published another revised edition of our /pitch, and we published our bank account transaction history to the public for the first time!

Reminder of our major goals from last week

  1. Refine /pitch and start campaigning for Founding Partners
  2. Continue outlining workshops and filling gaps in our docs
  3. Publish Yearly Financials

What we did this past week

  1. Published a new iteration of /pitch

Pitch Slide

  1. We published our financials page with a history of our bank account transactions

  2. We created a flowchart component for our docs that fits more with our branding

  3. Focused Browsing now has its own Twitter Account

Our goals for Next Week

  1. Publish our /pitch and /founding story as Twitter threads

  2. Refine our financials page and file our yearly revenue with the Canadian Government!

  3. Continue outlining workshop content and filling gaps in our documentation!

Team Updates


This week I worked on the automation dashboard's issue #6 to list all the active organization's issues to the dashboard with the options to filter issue based on milestones and labels. Each list shows the complete overview of issue.


This week I collaborated further on revising and refining the resources' contribution and gitlab management documents and made some more polish updates.

The final result of flowcharts that fit more with Grey Software branding

How we process issues at Grey software

The following flow chart briefly describes how you can contribute!

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