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In May 2020, a few volunteer alumni from UofT Mississauga 🇨🇦 were willing to help university students who wanted authentic & up-to-date software education.

By September, this effort was formally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in Canada under the name Grey Software!

We envision a future where students and professionals collaborate on open-source software (OSS) that we can all trust, love, and learn from!

We're getting there by making open products with students worldwide and sharing what we learn along the way!

Our Plan

  1. 🛠 Create a collection of OSS apps that people can trust, love, and learn from.

  2. 📰 Be a trusted and reputable source of education for learners by publishing original and curated educational content that they can access for free.

  3. 🤝 Collaborate with small groups of students, volunteers, & contractors to extend our library of OSS products and educational content.

  4. 💵 Generate revenue by offering exclusive features on our app collection & advertising space on our educational websites.

  5. 🎓 Partner with universities and bootcamps to create a steady stream of students who collaborate on OSS to gain practical experience.

We're catalyzing our path to sustainability by offering lifetime recognition to organizations who would like to feature their brand on our websites & repos.

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