Week of 10/11/2021


This week we published a condensed and revised iteration of our /pitch, and continued to make gradual updates throughout our websites and education initiatives.

Reminder of our major goals from last week

  1. Refine and update /pitch and Pioneer project description
  2. Write emails to Social Capital, Underscore VC, OSS Capital, and others
  3. Reach out and strategize about uni workshops at PAK-UETM, PAK-LUMS, CAN-UTM

What we did this past week

  1. Published a new iteration of /pitch

Pitch Slide

  1. Updated our Pioneer Project Description

  2. We sent a letter to Social Capital. Other firms and investors to follow!

  3. We began outlining our workshops & continued to fill gaps in our documentation!

  4. We experimented with getting a newsletter up and running using the Ghost platform

  1. We started compiling our yearly financials spreadsheet

Our goals for Next Week

  1. Refine /pitch and start campaigning more publicly for Founding Partners

  2. Continue outlining workshops and filling gaps in our documentation!

  3. Publish our yearly financials on this org website!

Team Updates


This week I worked on the automation dashboard's issue #5 to implement a generic method that will set the foundation for a lot of important automation tasks that we need to achieve in the future.

This method opens a form on the dashboard with options to select the target repository, remote file path to be updated, and commit message. On confirming, the target repository's file gets updated and a new merge request is created.


This week I collaborated on revising and refining the resources' contribution and gitlab management documents alongside creating process flowcharts that fit more with Grey Software branding.

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