Week of 10/04/2021


This week we completed our 4.1 milestone and made preparations to welcome the open source community back into our Discord community for Hacktoberfest.

We also published our /founding-story, and received over 180 unique visits!

Reminder of our major goals from last week

  1. Update our pitch as feedback comes in
  2. Reopen our Discord community to work with hacktoberfest contributors

What we did this past week

  1. Published a new iteration of /pitch with updated info about our revenue channels and go to market strategy

Strategic Map

  1. Opened our Discord community server to the public for /hacktoberfest

  2. We got great feedback from Pioneer expert but unfortunately it was for an outdated project description.

If I understand correctly, you're building an organization that creates open-source software which students can contribute to, building software that benefits the world and educating students simultaneously. This is a great mission—however, it might be difficult to sustain purely through donations. I noticed in your latest update you're looking to raise non-dilutive capital. Have you thought about other revenue streams, i.e., charging companies that hire from the students that contribute to the open source projects?

Our goals for Next Week

  1. Refine and published a new iteration of our /pitch and Pioneer project description

  2. Write emails to Social Capital, Underscore VC, OSS Capital, and others

  3. Reach out and strategize about our strategy for hosting university workshops at PAK-UETM, PAK-LUMS, CAN-UTM

Team Updates


Since I usually write the overall updates, I don't usually duplicate my updates in the team section so others can highlight their contributions.

This week, however, I'd like to share how gateful I am because the encouragement and support I received after publishing the /founding-story was than I could've imagined.


I'm taking a short break from my regular design work at Grey software to do a deep dive into branding, and I'm excited to check back in with everything I've learned!


This week I continued to work on the automation dashboard to automate the time-consuming manual tasks currently being performed by Grey software team members.

  • spacing-config generates custom tailwind spacing configuration with a click of a button. Output is displayed in the text area which can be edited, copy to clipboard or save in a file.

  • aggregate-analytics renders the plausible analytics for a period selected from the dropdown. Generated Analytics can be saved in a JSON file or copy to a clipboard.

  • Sponsors parse the uploaded GitHub sponsor report to the format to be used across the ecosystem’s websites. Generated data is displayed to UI with Stats.


This week I started working on workshop ideas in the light of collaborating with UET Mardan.

I took feedback from their students so we can plan better workshop's content for them.


This week my MRs on thegrey-docsandwebsiterepos from last week were successfully merged. I also refactored the Navigation dropdown links on the website.

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