Week of 09/27/2021


Reminder of our major goals from last week

  1. Publish a polished final draft of our pitch to raise non-equity-dilutive VC capital.
  2. Prepare Grey Software for Hacktoberfest

What we did this past week

  1. Published new /pitch

  2. Prepared /hacktoberfest

  3. Updated branding copy on website Hero and social profiles

  4. Added new pages and responsive polish to our websites

Our goals for Next Week

  1. Update our pitch as feedback comes in

  2. Reopen our Discord community to work with hacktoberfest contributors

  3. Enjoy building open source software with people around the world

Team Updates


We decided to turn our automation repository into a admin dashboard website. So this week I worked on building dashboard and integrated two scripts,spacing-config and aggregate-analytics.

  • spacing-config will generate custom tailwind spacing configuration with a click of button. Output will be displayed in text area which can be edited, copy to clipboard or save in a file.

  • aggregate-analytics will render the plausible analytics for a time period selected from dropdown.Generated Analytics can be save in a JSON file or copy to clipboard


This week I worked on updating the Navbar and Footer Components across the Grey Software web ecosystem!

I opened MRs on the grey-docs and website repos, and hope to see my work merged in by next week.

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