Week of 09/20/2021


This week, we as a team didn't manage to close any issues, but we made solid progress across all our tasks!

Reminder of our major goals from last week

  1. Update the investor pitch as feedback comes.
  2. Follow up with UET Mardan about Final Year Project collaboration.
  3. Promote Grey Software and Focused Browsing more actively on Hackernews, Product Hunt, Reddit, etc.

What we did this past week

  1. We made updates to our pitch deck, and we feel like we're getting closer to our ideal pitch, but we still have some work to do. We received awesome feedback from the Pioneer community last week and consulted great resources like The Futur, Underscore.vc, and Harvard iLab's Startup Secrets.

  2. We emailed UET Mardan and started documenting how we will collaborate with UET Mardan during this upcoming academic year.

  3. We posted pretty much everywhere but Product Hunt. dev.to got the best results, with only 5 visits.

  4. We came up with new branding copy that we will be testing out this week! We updated our websites and social media pages with it.

Our goals for Next Week

  1. Publish a polished final draft of our pitch to raise non-equity-dilutive VC capital.

  2. Prepare Grey Software for Hacktoberfest

Team Updates


This week, I continued to create the landing website designs in my queue and work with Arsala to refine our pitch to raise capital.


This week, I implemented the updated SponsorCard designs and created a seperate section for past sponsors in credits page.

I was also involved in moving our automation scripts from the organization repository to a new automation repository. The automation website will be published soon, and here are some changes we've made so far:

  • The aggregate-analytics script takes in a command line parameter that specifies the time period for which the user wants to fetch analytics.
  • We re-factored the scripts to use environment variables
  • We began documenting the usage of each script


This week I was responsible for planning how Grey Software will collaborate with UET Mardan during this upcoming academic year.

As an alumnus of the University and somebody who wants the best for my juniors, I am excited to help the next generation of students have an even better experience working with Grey Software than I did.

Our current plan is to have Grey software supervise two FYP (Final Year Project) teams and run workshops throughout the year to help students manage their projects and follow best practices.


This week I worked on updating the Navbar and Footer Components across the Grey Software web ecosystem!

I opened MRs on the grey-docs and website repos, and hope to see my work merged in by next week.


This week I worked on developing the /team page on our landing website, and I started with developing our profile card component.


This week I experimented with updates to our markdown article pages, and updated our tailwind spacing configuration with a new set of values that are designed to make it easier for designers and developers to communicate about UI.

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