Founding Partners


We aim to raise non-equity dilutive capital by offering 'Founding Partner' Sponsorship Packages to Angel Investors and VCs.

Value Proposition

For Angel investors and VC firms

Who are dissatisfied with how the status quo is not optimally preparing the next generation to create or scale software products

Grey Software is making open software products and publishing what we learn along the way in an organized education ecosystem

So that young, aspiring software entrepreneurs around the world can have access to authentic, up-to-date, and practical software education

Unlike the confusing web of outdated university curriculums, selective internships, expensive bootcamps or online courses, and free but unorganized resources

Impact & Traction

Malpani Ventures Grant

  • Dr. Malpani from Malpani ventures authorized two grants totaling 130,000 INR after he announced he was funding open-source ed-tech ventures in India

Open Core Summit Grant

  • Joseph Jacks from the Open Core Summit gave us a $1000 CAD grant after we made our case on Twitter and LinkedIn


What are the key risks that would be involved in making this investment?

  • After using all the money from its founding investments, the organization is still unable to sustain itself through its revenue channels.

What plans are in place to mitigate these risks in the next period?

  • Public weekly and milestone updates
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