Education Programs


Sign contracts with universities and coding bootcamps for our software education programs.

Value proposition

For (target customers)
Who are dissatisfied with (the current alternative)
Our product is a (new product)
That provides (essential problem-solving capability)
Unlike (the product alternative)

For university students

Who are dissatisfied with how their outdated curriculums are not effectively preparing them to create or scale software products

Grey Software is an organization of passionate software creators and educators

Who build open products and publish educational content to help students worldwide learn by example

Unlike universities that can't teach students how to build up-to-date software products because they aren't in the business of creating products


  • Build open products and publish educational content with small groups of students
  • Refine educational content through testing at university workshops
  • Run small-scale collaboration programs with universities that will allow us to research and develop our programs
  • Select for lifelong learners likely to come back as software creators and educators
  • Achieve exponential scale organically through a passionate and skilled alumni network

Customers and Partners

Who are your personas?

Arsala - 2nd Year CS at UofT Canada

Arsala is a computer science student who is passionate about building apps that help people solve problems.

He has done well on school assignments but he wants to learn how to build useful software for people, and he's frustrated with the pace of his university curriculum.

Arsala has software ideas that he wants to pursue in his free time, but he doesn't get far because of the long learning paths, scattered information, and lack of guidance and structure.

Arsala wishes there was more structured guidance and mentorship available so he can bring his software ideas to life and pursue his potential career paths as a software professional or entrepreneur.

Laiba -- 4th Year CS at UETM Pakistan

Laiba is about to graduate with a CS degree and pursue further education, but she wishes she had more practical project experience than just her school-mandated final year project.

Laiba interned at a software company before returning for her final year at school, and she wishes that there were more programs and opportunities for her to grow as a capable software professional during the initial years.

What highlights from customer feedback validate the effectiveness of your go-to-market approach and business model?

I have been programming on the side for the past year now, mainly using online resources to pair-program... yet one session with my mentor was more enriching than hours spent on these side tutorials. - Osama, Grey Software Explorer

I got to experience what it was like being onboarded into a codebase and collaborating with a skilled developer and designer. I got the software development education I was looking for." - Milind, Grey Software Apprentice

This course simulated what it will be like to work in the industry by encouraging the students to work asynchronously and proactively rather than following the instructions of an assignment. - Shawn, Student at UTM

I had to get used to a different mindset; working asynchronously and making progress daily instead of cramming before a deadline. - Lee, Student at UTM

The most useful was the overall workflow because it can be applied to any future project. All projects need proper documentation and remote repo, and group members need to work asynchronously by managing branches, pull requests, issues and milestones. - Baichen, Student at UTM

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